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The 4-H Club Business Meeting

An annual ritual of the beginning of the 4-H year is the election of the club officers and the planning of the club program for the year. While it is important for those elected to learn about their roles and duties, it is also necessary for all members to assume their responsibilities to the club.

The club business meeting is one of three parts to the regular club meeting. The business portion of the meeting should last 30 minutes or less.

The business portion provides the opportunity for individual members to:

Individual members need to learn parliamentary procedure skills so that they can participate fully in the business meeting. Each member should learn how to:

Members may learn these skills through active participation in the business meeting, through enrolling in Leadership: Skills You Never Outgrow, or by participating in club committees. A packet on "Working with Committees" is available to club leaders on the urban Extension web site at /committees/.

Helping You Help Youth – Working with Officers and Committees and Helping You Help Officers and Committees are additional resources that may be ordered through the local University of Illinois Extension 4-H Office.