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Positive Youth Development Through Community 4-H Clubs

4-H Critical Elements – An Opportunity to Value and Practice Service to Others

“Among the most powerful means of enriching young lives is to enlist their energies in improving their own communities.” - Great Transitions

Finding one’s self begins with losing one’s self in the service to others. Service is a way for 4-H members to gain exposure to the larger community, indeed the world itself. It is necessary to actively practice and treasure service.

The premise of the fourth critical element - that of the opportunity to value and practice service to others - is that young people should feel free to contribute their skills, ideas and time and that their contributions should be accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated.

4-H volunteers might consider the following questions: In our 4-H club…

Some practices the 4-H club might want to implement if they have not already done so include:

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