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Planning Play Activities

Activities for All Ages

Take a trip to the playground, park, or basketball court. Do errands together, or plan field trips to the library, bank or newspaper office.

Music is fun for everyone. You can make and play instruments with preschoolers and elementary school-aged children. To make shakers, gather some cans with plastic lids. Fill the cans with buttons, bells, and beads. Glue on the lids. Have the children decorate the cans. Make drums from old coffee cans with plastic lids. To make a shoe box guitar, cut a hole in a shoe box lid. Tape the lid on the shoe box. Stretch three or four rubber bands across the hole on the lid. The children can pluck the rubber bands. Have the children play their instruments for the younger children and infants.

TV Watching

You need to ask the parents if the child is to watch TV, how long can he watch and what shows can he watch. The TV should be used only as a learning aid. Children will learn the most from TV if you talk about the shows with them. It should not be used for adult entertainment while children are in your care.

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