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4-H Ceremonies

Bowl Candle Lighting

Bowl Candle Lighting

This campfire ceremony has been designed especially for the Bowl.

A choir of 15 has assembled and is singing "Faith of Our Fathers." Eight campers are posted in front of the cross.

Campers get candles from two members giving them out on hill. Form semicircle behind cross and the "Candle Lighting Ceremony" is then presented.

Great Spirit I am the Spirit of 4-H Club Work. I stand for the development of youth. I am here to help in the self-development of higher ideas. My flame burns brightly, but only through the efforts and devotion of the ideals of 4-H Club Work. Will the Spirits of Devotion to these ideals step forward and let this camp flow with the Spirit which this camp represents. The spirits in turn step forward to the Great Spirit and light their candles. They speak, and return to their original position.
First Spirit I am the Spirit of Development I must be ready to lead any one to advance a course so full of promise as 4-H Club Work. Only those club members who are willing to go forward, overcoming all obstacles, who again and again "make the best better" will really achieve. My light shines for the Spirit of Development.
Second Spirit I am the Spirit of Helpfulness. I am always ready to lend a hand to help over hard places. I light my Candle for the Spirit of Helpfulness.
Third Spirit I am the Spirit of Cheerfulness. A 4-H Club Member always carries a smile, never a scowl. The light of 4-H Club Work would grow dim without the glow of the Spirit of Cheerfulness.
Fourth Spirit I am the Spirit of Truthfulness. Club members know not to lie. Club members deal with things as they are. I add the light of the Spirit of Truthfulness members deal with Truthfulness.
Fifth Spirit I am the Spirit of Loyalty. The plans and policies of my club leaders are my policies and plans. If all club members are loyal and dependable, the light of 4-H Club Work will never grow dim.
Sixth Spirit I am the Spirit of Faithfulness. I never fail. I am true to my friends, true to my club, true to my leader, and true to my program. "I Plan my work and work my plan." The Spirit of Faithfulness adds brilliance to the light 4-H Club Work.
Seventh Spirit I am the Spirit of Self-Sacrifice. Sometimes it is necessary to give up ones own cherished plan for the good of others. This, I, the Spirit of Self-Sacrifice, am ever ready to do.
All Spirits

Great Spirit, we are the Spirits of Devotion. The light from our Spirits will let the Great Light of 4-H Club Work ever shine.

Spirits then light campers candles.

Great Spirit

Our camp is lighted with the radiant rays of these Spirits, and our hearts are aglow with the truth they impart. May each 4-H member resolve to carry into his community by conduct, achievement, thought and word of mouth these virtues of 4-H Club Work.

Campers move silently down the hill as "All Through Night" is sung as duet or solo. Candles are extinguished and collected as campers leave the bowl area.


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