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4-H Ceremonies

Bread Installation


For the Bread Installation, use frozen bread dough and make a regular size loaf of bread for the president, and make a small loaf for each of the other officers. I also make (gave) an apron to the president ,who represents the baker, and I give each of the ingredients to the officers corresponding to their office.

Nothing smells quite as good as the aroma of freshly baked bread, and nothing tastes quite as good as the warm heel of a loaf of bread with butter spread all over it.

More and more people are becoming conscious of the ingredients that produce a healthful loaf of bread. Today, we will use our imagination a bit and think of the ingredients our Club officers need to make a successful 4-H Club.

___________, as Vice President, you are the liquid in our bread. It is very important that we have just the right temperature -- not too hot, or not too cold. We know you and your committee will plan programs that have the warmth and appeal -- not to cold and boring -- programs that are suited to the majority of the members of _______4-H Club.

___________, as Secretary, you are the shortening used in the bread. It is quite important that we are accurate when we measure the shortening, as this affects the texture of the finished product. So you are to keep accurate minutes of all the meetings and maintain all records of the _______4-H Club.

___________, as Treasurer, you will keep all financial records, handle all monies accumulated from dues and projects, and disperse funds as needed to carry out the business of our organization. We cannot carry on the program in our club without finances anymore than bread can be made without flour. So you represent the flour in our loaf of bread.

___________, as Citizenship Chairperson, you are likened to the eggs that go into our bread batter. You will be a good egg and work well, executing the club activities that make more members aware of their duties as citizens, and encourage all members to become concerned and involved in community improvement programs.

___________, as Program Chairperson, you are the speciality flours we use to individualize breads such as whole wheat, rye, oats, and soy flours.

___________, as International Chairperson, you serve similar to sugar in our loaf of bread. The many projects in your area gives a satisfying taste to the 4-H members in our club. International 4-H Youth Exchange, LABO and Passports to the World - by these projects and programs we gain understanding of other people of the world.

___________, as News Reporter, you can be compared to the recipe used to make a loaf of bread. You are entrusted with the very important job of keeping the public informed of the many activities and meetings of _____ 4-H Club. Remember, all those who read your news are possible members. Let them know what 4-H members can do and do accomplish. Make it one of your goals to introduce each member to the Newsletter so they can be alert to other County activities.

___________, as Recreation Chairperson, you provide the additives that makes our homemaker's program attractive and interesting to our members. In bread, the additive can be raisins, nuts, dried fruit, etc. Your special added programs need to be geared to the young as well as the older members of our organization.

___________, as President, we are going to liken you to the baker. Upon you rests the responsibility of leading the _____4-H Club. You are expected to preside at all business meetings guiding and directing the affairs of the Club in accordance with County and State policies. There may be times when things may not go as the recipe directs, and there may be some messes along the way; as president you will mix all ingredients well, with a steady hand, not to punch down hard but have just the right touch when kneading this bread..

Mr./Madam President, I present you with this loaf of bread as an emblem of your new corps of officers.

Each of you represent leadership, cooperation, organization, enthusiasm, and knowledge. Remember, that no job is too great if it is broken down into small bits and each and everyone does their job to the best of their ability. The end result will be accepted by the members, as the warm, aromatic smell and taste of a loaf of bread.

4-Her's, may I present to you the new officers of ____4-H Club.

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