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4-H Ceremonies

Butterfly Installation


We enter another 4-H year and must look backward to see how far we have come, then look toward the future to what is ahead. As we look back, we are reminded of those who have worked through the years to keep our 4-H club strong.

You, who stand before us today, have been chosen as successors to this heritage. Your fellow members have signified their belief in you. They have shown confidence in your ability to lead, your wisdom to guide, your strength to support, and your faith to inspire.

Officers of the 4-H club, in electing you to these offices, the members have placed a great responsibility upon you. The welfare of 4-H Club is placed in your hands. For the work of this year to be a success, it will be necessary for each of you to perform your duties conscientiously and promptly. It will be your responsibility, and should be a privilege, to keep well informed in matters which concern your club. The object of 4-H is to promote learning by doing educational programs from University of Illinois Extension. These programs should guide 4-H members of your club in decision making. It will be your duty to become familiar with the Constitution and By-Laws of your club, to attend every meeting when possible, and to serve faithfully in office until your successor has been elected and installed.

Do you all promise to do so? Answer yes.

The butterfly, is characterized by its antennae for feeling, its broad wings for great undertakings, its colorful markings for presenting striking scenes and its daily reoccurring habits. This is an excellent symbol of 4-H members who volunteer above and beyond the call of ordinary duties and do so always with flitting grace and a smile. At this installation of 4-H Club, the butterfly will signify the prominence of the officers and how they will attain their own specific excellence in the daily duties they will perform for the organization.

Narrator speaking to President elect ____________, in electing you president, this club has conferred upon you the highest honor. With honor, comes responsibility. May it be your constant endeavor to promote growth and interest in this club. Yours is the opportunity to lead, the right to decide, and the power of strength.
Narrator says slowly and pauses for group response

I pledge my loyalty to the ____________ 4-H-Club.
I will do what I can,
if asked to do a task,
and to cooperate with all others
to make this club better.

Please be seated.

Will the retiring officers please come forward?

As the monarch butterfly, you have distinguished yourselves above others by the duties you have performed to make the 4-H club successful. To you, I present this token of gratitude for all your contributions and efforts you faithfully did during your term in office. I hope it has been a rewarding experience.

I now declare the officers and chairs duly elected and installed for the coming year.

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