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4-H Ceremonies

Candle Installation

For the Candle Installation, use different colors of candles representing each office and put it in a stained, wooden votive cup. I used iridescent colored ribbon and tied it around each cup. Much easier to hold onto that just the plain candle.

Leaders have come and gone and great things have come to pass during the past years. The past leaders who were responsible for this organization were young people who wanted great things to come from the 4-H program. They were willing to give their all to see that the ideas of their organization were upheld. Today, we are to install the new leaders of our organization. The ones who have gone before and the members today offer the challenge to accept the responsibility to see that the work of our organization is carried forward to new heights and goals.

White Candle

Your tasks are few. Just tell the others what to do. Preside at all meetings, and call the Board. Help get ideas to guide the horde. Appoint committees and chairmen. Do a hundred little things we have not time to pen. Keep smiling and sweet whatever you do, and each member's good wishes will come to you. Now, into the hands of the one who leads, I put this White candle with promised deeds of love and devotion from all of us here, as you guide the __________ 4-H Club in a bright new year.

Light candle.

1st Vice President
Red Candle

You are the dean of departments of the work to do. With all the programs it will be up to you to see that _________ 4-H Club never fails to give aid. The public's gratitude will make you well paid. This candle of red is yours to hold. The president expects you to do all that you're told.

Light candle.

Yellow Candle

As treasurer, you will write all checks to keep 4-H from the awful plight of bills unpaid, and record monies collected as directed. This candle of yellow, the color of gold, foretells all the wealth your hands will hold.

Light candle.

Blue Candle

You have work to do -- to write down everything is up to you. To keep all motions straight -- who moved, who seconds -- and what the debate was all about. This candle of blue is yours as a wage; you are the keeper of the written page.

Light candle.

Rose Candle

Your task must be a pleasure and so easy to do, as you tell prospective members what wonderful things 4-H can do. As you light this candle of Rose, let to be a light to this organization as its membership grows.

Light candle.

Green Candle

It would be fine if you could go all year and say no more, but be advised that there will be work galore, Christmas in October and more. This candle of Green, I give to you, for you will need imagination and patience, too.

Light candle.

Orange Candle

You've encouraged us to vote and be proud of the Red, White, and Blue; as you light this candle of orange, may it be a symbol of caution, and symbol of safety, which you have taught us, too.

Light candle.

Peach Candle

Help club members work to make a happy, healthy club within our reach, as you light your candle of peach. The color blends with others so well, so do our members, we are proud to tell.

Light candle.

Purple Candle

Lead us to a knowledge of countries of the world as you light this candle of purple -- the symbol of kings. Be our ambassadors so we may learn many new things.

Light candle.

Jr. Leaders
Pink Candle

While you light this candle of love, fragile pink, recall the ideas you can share, as you guide young members as they mold their future with care.

Light candle.

News Reporters
Brown Candle

As you light this candle, the last one, of a very rich brown, be reminded that your responsibility is to spread the good news of 4-H by newspapers, pictures, radio in your town. Keep the public aware 4-H is here to stay. We are like the rich brown earth, here to promote growth every day.

Light candle.

The challenge is real. The challenge is great. Upon you rests the responsibility of carrying the 4-H Club light forward so that your homes and communities flourish because of it. That as 4-H members you are inspired to new achievements.

Members, may I present to you the new officers of _______4-H Club for the year.

Congratulations and best wishes.

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