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4-H Ceremonies

Candle Lighting Service

Music is played or sung as campers arrange themselves in a circle. Boy and girl representing the Spirit of 4-H Club Work stand at one point in the circle with a lighted candle. Persons representing Head, Heart, Hands and Health, stand at four points around the circle behind the campers. Their candles are also lighted.
First Spirit We are the spirits of 4-H Club Work. Our Flame is the light shining from young lives dedicated to service through the 4-H's - Head, Heart, Hands and Health. In the darkness of the night our light of service seems so small. Unless each of you adds your own special glow to this flame, it will go out. Who will help us keep the flame of 4-H bright?


Stepping into circle

Here is the light of Clearer Thinking.I have the power to think and plan and reason. I can use my head in camp activities, in project work, in school, in my daily living, and in the profession I will choose someday soon. I will try to make the best use of my mind so that I can contribute the light of clearer thinking to the world.


Stepping into circle

Here is the light of Greater Loyalty. At times we feel that we have few talents to bring but we can care. I can keep my heart pure and my thoughts honest and clean. I can build true friendships and be thankful for the good that I have received. I can seek to know what is the right way to act. Above all I can give the light of love to the world.


Stepping into circle

Here is the light of Larger Service. My hands are tools with which I can work, create things of worth and beauty, comfort and help others, turn my dreams into action. I will try to add light to the world by the service of my hands.


Stepping into circle

Here is the light of Better Living. My body is young and strong. By good food, outdoor exercise, rest and clean living, I will try to keep strong and healthy- Through health of mind and body, can add to the flame of service.

Second Spirit

Already there is greater light in our circle. All good grows greater as it is shared. Will each of you share your light with the one beside you in the circle. So in life as we share what we have received the influence of 4-H is spread far and wide.
First Spirit

Let's join in the 4-H Pledge as we lift our light around the circle. I pledge:

My Head to....

Second Spirit

Now will you extinguish your candles, keeping instead the flame of service glowing more brightly in your hearts.

All candles out except the Spirits'.

There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of one small candle, when that candle is a young heart aflame with the spirit of service.

Music indicates the ceremony is over and the group moves quietly away.

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