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4-H Ceremonies

Flag Lowering

Four persons are needed to lower and fold the flag. They should stand at the flag staff at attention. These words are heard from two members.
First Speaker We are natives of all the world, gathered here under one flag in the name of liberty. May we always be grateful for democracy that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. And that we live in a land where there is freedom of speech and free opportunity for all.
Second Speaker

Our flag

I love to see the starry flag that floats above my head.

I love to see its waving fold with stripes of white and red.

"Be brave* say the red stripes,

"Be pure" say the bright stars,

"And stand for the right.

" Taps are played as the flag is lowered and folded which then ends the ceremony. A patriotic song might be sung instead.

Flag ceremonies might include some rules to observe in handling or displaying the flag.

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