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4-H Ceremonies



If your club or group is interested in honoring members when they reach significant times in their 4-H career, it is helpful to have a special ceremony to celebrate the rites of passage that are occurring.

We the members and leaders of the ______________4-H Club, have planned this ceremony to show our regard for (one) of our own members, _______________, please come forward and take this seat of honor.

Member or members being honored come forward to designated place.

This is a time of looking forward and of looking backward, of reflection and of remembrance. As you pause on the threshold of graduation from (name graduating or moving) from 4-H work with the _____________ 4-H Club, we who have worked and played with you through the past ____ years, want to show our appreciation, and at the same time, to remind you that many other people have also planned and worked that you might be a 4-H member.

Pause, light candle beside speaker's rostrum.

The warm, golden glow of the candle is symbolic of the light that each of us can receive from those people who influence our lives. Let us hear from some who have influenced yours.


Leader preferably the leader when this member first joined steps forward and lights candle from leaders candle.

___ years have gone by since I saw you in this club meeting for the first time. I wish I could take credit for your excellent record as a club member; but the credit is largely due to your fine efforts. I tried to help as much as I could and when I could, for it was such a pleasure to see you grow and develop.

All extemporaneous remarks, if desired, briefly I'm so happy to be here to say "It's been good to know you."


Someone else helped along the way, too! Will the representative from the unit office light the second candle to illustrate another light for the pathway of this club member?
Unit Representative I, too, wish to add my congratulations to (Name) for his/her outstanding 4-H record. Let me point out that throughout life, the 4-H's that you have learned to know will continue to guide you. With your head, endeavor to acquaint you with the problems confronting the world today, and think clearly of solutions. With your heart, you must have an understanding for those less fortunate than yourself. With your hands, you must extend friendship and assistance to others that we may all enjoy a better life. With your health, you will be able to think more clearly, be more alert, and give greater assistance.
President/Narrator The parent's part in club work is perhaps the greatest factor for success. (Parent) please come forward and light the third candle.

It seems like such a short time ago that we were learning about 4-H work together (adapt to suit the circumstances). My, those first projects; the project meetings, the tours and the fairs; and the great joy of the first recognition program. Perhaps I didn't have as much time to help as I would have liked, but we always found time to help, to talk over the projects, the talks and the demonstrations. 4-H has meant so much to our family

Can add here some really significant changes with the 4-H member helped bring about.

As we look back, we must also look forward. What better way to do this than to have the fourth candle lighted by one of our new members? (Young Member, will you add your light to the others?) I am happy to be a part of the ceremony honoring (Name). For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a 4-H member like you. Maybe, if I work extra hard, I can be and can also someday graduate from 4-H work.

"To Make the Best Better " has always been your conviction and honor. In this, you have found not only good words, but the highest of ideals-to achieve, to improve, to be dissatisfied with things half done. You were taught fair play through competition and the experience of living with and for others. You have obtained from your work and fellowship in this club, a foundation for a good life. The 4-H's that you learned to use and develop as a club member will continue to serve you well in the future. We hope you will remember us always as friends, and remember your experiences as a 4-H member. Wherever you go (applicable to those leaving the community) you will find 4-H work going ahead. When you find it possible, lend a hand - a well-trained 4-H Hand - to 4-H work. And when you come back, you'll be welcome among friends, again and always.

You are now one of the many thousand 4-H Alumni, and yours is a position of particular pride, for you have remained and served as long as possible.

Will the club members and guests please rise, and the song leader will lead us as we sing, "Till We Meet Again?"

Alternate choices:

  • have the club repeat the club pledge
  • sing "God Bless America"
  • present 4-H memento to the honored members
  • form a receiving line so that each person may shake hands and offer congratulations
  • have honored members

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