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4-H Ceremonies

Induction of New Members

This ceremony can be used at local or county 4-H meetings to inform new members of the purposes of the 4-H Club. The group of new members assemble at the front of the room before the officers of the local club or the county federation.
President To you who are about to become members of the (name of the club) 4- H club (or 4-H federation), welcome. In order that you may have a full understanding of 4-H work, it is necessary that you learn more about the purposes of our organization. The officers here assembled will help me explain to you the meaning of 4-H work. Listen attentively as each speaks, so that you will be able to carry out obligations you are assuming as a member of the (name of the club) 4-H Club (or 4-H federation).

4-H clubs are organizations of boys and girls formed for the purpose of learning more about how to develop into productive members of society. 4-H had its beginning in rural America with an emphasis on farming and homemaking. Since 1957, 4-H has had a significant role in the lives of youth in Chicago. The 4-H Club is democracy in action. It teaches cooperation in work and play in the home, in the club, and in the community. It helps us solve our problems under actual home situations. It gives us an appreciation of the value of life.


Exhibit a 4-H emblem.

The 4-H Club emblem is a green four-leaf clover with a white H on each leaf. The H's symbolize the four-fold development of Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

Our motto is "To Make the Best Better."

Reporter Ever loyal 4-H member carries out the work of a project under the guidance of a local leader. He/she attends meetings of the local club and contributes the program when called upon to do so. Members finish what they start. They win without boasting and lose without complaining. They help others and, in turn, receive help from others when it is needed.
President You have heard what 4-H means and what you must do to become a member. Are you willing to live up to the ideals symbolized by the four H's?
New Member(s) I am.


Do you wish to become a 4-H member?

New Member(s)

I do.
President As an indication of your appreciation of the privilege of living in this land, the United States of America, it is important that you, with other 4-H members, take the pledge of citizenship. Will you repeat after me this pledge?


We, individually and collectively, pledge our efforts from day to day to protect the ideals of our Nation from those who would destroy them.

We will never allow tyranny and injustice to become enthroned in this our country through indifference to our duties as citizens.

We will defend the democratic way of life against the inroads of insidious falsehoods.

We will obey the laws of our land and endeavor to quicken the sense of public duty among our fellow men.

We will strive for the social betterment of our communities and the enrichment of our homes.

We will endeavor to transmit this Nation to those who follow us, not merely as we found it, but freer, happier, and more beautiful than it was when transmitted to us.


And now, as a sign of your intention to live up to the meaning and opportunities of 4-H membership, will you repeat after me the 4-H pledge.

Repeats after the president

I pledge: My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service, and My Health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

You are now a member of the (name) 4-H club (Federation). May you ever be faithful in carrying out the pledge you have just repeated, always striving in your everyday relationships with your parents, schoolmates, and neighbors to live up to its high ideals. Fellow member, I present to you the new members of our 4-H Club (Federation). (Gives names) We will close this ceremony by singing the first verse of "America the Beautiful."

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