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4-H Ceremonies

Installation of a Camp Council

Every 4-H camp has some type of camp government. This governing body is usually called a camp council. The membership of the camp council will vary from camp to camp, but may include the Extension staff, the counselors, junior counselors, tribe chiefs, and tribe secretaries.

The full camp council should meet at least once a day to evaluate the daily camp program, to discuss camp problems, and make decisions concerning adjustments in the camp program schedule. The executive committee (staff and counselors) may meet other times during the camp or may meet following the full council meeting after the campers on the council have been dismissed.

The camp council is an integral part of the democratic process of good camp programs. Their evaluation and assistance in planning and giving leadership and direction to the daily camp program is important. The installation ceremony may take place at the lodge, recreation hall, the bowl, or the campfire site. The first-year counselors, junior counselors, tribe chiefs and tribe secretaries are located in front of the main body of campers in small groups according to their leadership responsibilities.

Installing Officer

Installation of Camp Council Members

I would like to take a few brief moments to speak to the camp leaders in particular. Hopefully, my statements will also be of benefit to campers. All of you assembled before me are leaders of the _________County 4-H Camp. But so what? Big deal! There are a lot of leaders in a lot of organizations in this old world of ours. And now, you have joined the group. But there is a difference among these camp leaders. Some of them work hard at their jobs to make the camp program successful, but some of them do little or nothing to help their fellow campers. What type of camp leader and worker are you going to be? I would like for you to ask yourself these basic questions.

First: Why was I elected to this position of camp leadership? Was it because I am the biggest in the cabin or tribe? I am the oldest? I am the most popular guy or gal in camp? I am picked on? Or because my fellow campers recognize my leadership ability and I indicated a willingness to try and do a good job?

Second: Now that I have been selected, am I going to fulfill the duties of my camp leadership position? Am I going to do more than is asked of me or just enough to get by?

Third: Am I going to cooperate with my counselor, leaders and fellow campers, or am I just going to let the camp program ride without my support? All of us must work together to obtain the best camping experience possible.

Fourth and Last: After camp is over am I going to be able to say I am proud of what I have done to make our camp better? Well camp leaders, are you just going to do the minimum and get by? Or, is your leadership position in camp really and truly going to be a "Big Deal", something great of which you, your counselors, your leaders, and fellow campers can be proud because you have done your utmost "To Make the Best Better?"

Installing Officer

We will now install the new camp council members of the _______________ County 4-H Camp. Will the Master of Arms please bring the newly elected council members before us?

The Master of Arms leads the new council members by groups - junior counselors, tribe chiefs, tribe secretaries and first-year counselors - one at a time before the installing officer.

Master of Arms May I present to you the newly elected junior counselor of the ___________________County 4-H Camp.
Master of Arms May I present to you the newly elected tribe chiefs of the___________ County 4-H Camp.
Master of Arms May I present to you the newly elected tribe secretaries of the ______________ County 4-H Camp.
Master of Arms May I present to you the first-year counselors who give leadership to the ___________ County 4-H Camp.
Installing Officer 4-H camp council members, you have been chosen to serve as camp leaders by your Extension staff and fellow campers. Your fellow campers have faith in your ability to guide and direct the activities and programs of our 4-H camp. I know you will honor the trust they have placed in you and will fulfill the obligation that are yours. In serving as a camp leader, you must accept responsibilities. Study and carry out your responsibilities to the best of your ability. Listen now as experienced camp leaders speak to you.
Speaker I Junior counselors, you have been chosen to serve as leaders of your cabin. You will give leadership to your cabin in planning participation in the camping programs that require cabin group participation. You will also be asked to represent your cabin on the camp council and serve as cabin leader in the absence of your cabin counselor.
Speaker II Tribe chiefs, you have been chosen to serve as leaders of your tribe. You will give leadership to your tribe in planning participation in the camping program that require tribe group participation. Under your leadership the tribe will determine a name, yell, song, emblem and other necessary items.
Speaker III Tribe secretaries, you have been chosen to serve as recorder of your tribe. It will be your duty to keep all necessary records and record them in your tribe history. You will report the wishes of your tribe at the camp council meetings.
Speaker IV First-Year camp counselors, you have been selected to give leadership to the camping program and to all campers. Under your leadership, campers will become better citizens through physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth. You will serve on the camp council helping to evaluate, plan and carry our the camp program for the week.
Installing Officer

Having been duly installed I now declare you embers of the _____________ County 4-H Camp Council. Under your leadership the camper will always be represented and the camp council will be a democratic symbol for all to follow. Through this form of camp government, the camp program can truly be evaluated and planned according to the needs and desires of the campers. To you, my fellow campers, I give the leadership of your camp council. Your cooperation and help is necessary if they are to do a good job. The strength and effectiveness of the camp council depends upon all of us doing our job. I now declare this installation ceremony closed and dismiss you to go to the next part of our camp program.

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