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4-H Ceremonies

Junior Camp Candle Lighting

This service may take place around the pool, on the bowl, or around the 4-H emblem circle. The ceremony takes nine readers who are in the center or in front of the campers. A large candle is burning and held by the Camp spirit. The ceremony proceeds as follows.
Camp Spirit I am the Spirit of 4-H Camp. Each year the light of my candle glows brightly when 4-H members come to camp. All of you who have come to camp have helped to light this flame. By bringing your skills, strength, your friendly smiles, your readiness to serve, you brought the glow of the 4-H Spirit to Camp________. You have made this camp what it has been.
First Camper I bring the skills I have learned - how to make things with my hands, how to swim, and to shoot a bow.
Second Camper I bring the worship at vesper hour. The quiet on the hill at sunset--praying and singing together.
Third Camper I bring the play we have had. The relays, the stunts, the fun at the swimming pool, the games where we learned to win and to lose.
Fourth Camper I bring the work it took to make camp run smoothly. There were dishes to wash and cabins to clean. When we all did our part, it was easy. We were glad when we did a good job.
Fifth Camper

I bring the beauty of our camp, the trees, the stream, the animals, the hills and sky. We have learned to feel at home in the out-of-doors.

Sixth Camper I bring the conservation we have learned at camp. Not only do we enjoy the beauty of nature, but we try to keep it better than we found it, so that others who come to camp can enjoy it, too.
Seventh Camper I bring the planning we have done together. We have had a part in vespers, campfires and flag ceremonies. When we each had an idea and shared it, our group did something worthwhile.

Eighth Camper

I bring the friendships of camp. We have met new friends we will always remember. We know old friends better cause we have camped together. The fun and fellowship of being friends has made our camp light brightest of all. As each camper finishes he takes a place so there are four on each side of the reader.
Reader Camp Spirit

These are the things we have done at camp. Tomorrow we will be going back to our clubs and homes. What we have done at camp should help us live up to the 4-H pledge. Now the campers will use their light to make our 4-H glow just as each of us can do at home in our community.

We all have a share in this light from the camp spirit. Eight campers now move around circle lighting candles. The light should also be passed on to the next by those in circle). After candles are all lighted.

Camp Spirit

The candles we light will last just a little while. The light you carry in your heart from this camp can last your whole lifetime. It is a flame that never goes out as long as we keep sharing it with others.

Sing Jacob's Ladder - after first verse boys move single file out of circle towards cabins. At close of singing, girls move toward cabins extinguishing candles before reaching cabins.

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