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4-H Ceremonies

New Penny Members

This special ceremony as the title suggests, is one to honor, recognize and challenge all first-year members.

The setting for this ceremony can be anywhere. It can be at a 4-H meeting, but an assembly at the flagpole, campfire site, or in the recreation hall seems to be impressive locations for the ceremony. All first-year members are assembled with their junior leaders. They may be up front or simply two steps on the inside of a circle. Each junior leader has enough brand-new, current year pennies for each of his new members. An American flag and the 4-H flag are in their place of honor beside the Leader.


Would all members please join me in giving the 4-H Pledge.

The Coin
Into my heart's treasury
I slipped a coin,
That time cannot take
Nor a thief purloin.
Oh, better than the minting
Of a goldcrowned king,
Is the safe-keep memory
Of a lovely thing
— Sara Teasdale

The new coin that you are about to receive should be symbolic to you. Like the new coin, you are a new member. Hopefully you will keep this new coin throughout your life and each time you see it, you will be reminded of your first 4-H experience.

Junior Leaders, would you now distribute a new penny to each of the new first-year members in your charge.


The Land of the Magic Penny

Now your junior leader has a penny for you Look at it carefully. You have heard people say "A Penny for Your Thoughts." So now, think about this coin with us.

It's only a penny we've given to you
To help you remember your stay.
But from this small object, there's a lesson to learn
As tomorrow you go on your way.
This penny may be the least of the coins
That you use form day to day;
But remember how much the little things count
In whatever you do or say.
On one side the penny is shiny - it glows!
(If handled correctly -- with care)
But turned to the other side, that penny is dull
And you can notice the signs of much wear.
Our lives, too, at times are dreary and dull
And the job seems too hard to see through.
But always remember there's a shiny side there
That can show - it's all up to you.
You came to our club to listen, to learn and to play.
We hope as you leave you'll remember the way
4-Hers should live every day.

This concludes this special recognition ceremony for first-year members. We will now continue with our meeting.

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