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4-H Ceremonies

Spirit of Club Work

Simplicity is the keynote of this service. Silence - absolute and complete silence on the part of the audience -- is imperative. This can be obtained by explaining to the group the procedure to be followed. One of the significant things about this particular service is that the 4-H Club members pledge themselves aloud to carry out the 4-H ideals in a somewhat different form than that of the 4-H pledge which is said at every meeting. This statement may be repeated in unison by the leader and the "4-Hers' if it seems more desirable.

Narrator If we were asked to express what 4-H mean to us, each of us would tell a different story and many of us would find it difficult to put into words all that we should like to say. This is often true of things that mean a great deal to us. Then when words seem inadequate, we symbolize as beautifully as we can, that which we want to express, the flame of service and love for all mankind. We bow our heads in reverence and thankful prayer.
A 4-H Prayer Give us a grateful heart, for all thy blessings; help each of us to be a more responsible member in our own home, in our 4-H Club and in our community. Make us more mindful of those in need; give us strength to do our full part in the world we live in, and grant us the peace of our time, we ask in thy name. Amen.

Down through the ages, there has been one eternal quest, the quest for happiness for ourselves and for others. Fame, wealth, power or great honors do not bring happiness. It comes to those who serve unselfishly. To us, the spirit of our 4-H Clubs is acting unselfishly everywhere in the world that boys and girls are to be found.

"For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision,
but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of
happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope."

This is the spirit of 4-H Club Service Lights shine on the Spirit of 4-H Club work.


Its influence is as far reaching as the four winds. The purpose is to assist in the development of every boy and girl, to be the best boy and girl possible. The symbol of our 4-H Club is the four leaf clover, each H representing one of the four H's and each H representing a vital part of each boy and girl.

Head - Heart - Hands - Health

The light that shines from the true spirit of 4-H Club work shines forth for all of our young people. If it is to be of greatest worth to all it must pass ever onward from one member to another, encouraged by loyal advisors, and parents, each with a vision of service that will help to make others better and happier.

Each member makes a contribution to the 4-H flame. From this light, kept alive by all, the candle representing knowledge first lighted by the flame says. Head lights candle from the Spirit of Club Work.

Head I pledge my Head to clearer thinking! I would study and observe with an open mind in order that I may learn from life and books to speak with knowledge, act with good judgment, and carry inspiration to those in my community and others afar.
Narrator The second H, Heart! Heart lights candle from Spirit of Club Work.
Heart I pledge my Heart to greater loyalty. I would be loyal to my family, my friends. my country, and my ideals. In my relations with other, I would be sympathetic and kind, thus enriching my own life with understanding, faith, and confidence in mankind, realizing that what I seek in others I may develop in myself.
Narrator The third H, Hand! Hand lights candle from Spirit of Club Work.
Hand I pledge my Hands to larger service. May I so train my hands that difficult tasks will find my hands useful and skillful, that routine duties will be done well and efficiently, that I may service others and find joy in my work.
Narrator The Fourth H, Health! Health lights candle from Spirit of Club Work.
Health I pledge my Health to better living that I may be a useful citizen doing my part fully and well, I would guard as a valued possession my strong body and good health and help to inspire others to fit themselves for service in their club.

As your 4-H Club Work scatters to all the corners of the earth, tonight, we light again the sacred fire of Friendship among our own Illinois members, as our lights shine on, we know that we shall grow in wisdom and in stature. While we sing Jacobs Ladder, let each of us light a new flame of 4-H Club Work. After all candles are lit, the song is finished.

Head, Heart, Hands, Health (in unison); As the great central flame of all reaches out to the four corners of the earth and kindles anew the blazing lights, so tonight we light again our fire with a brand, each for a clearer head, a true heart, willing hands, and joyous health. And as our lights shine, we know that we shall grow. All members slowly turn, and move away from the group quietly.

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