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4-H Ceremonies

Successful Life

You may consider using this ceremony when you want to promote citizenship, fellowship, friendship, workmanship, sportsmanship, and showmanship with your members.
Speaker Six ships one sails to a successful life. What are they? What meaning do they have in my life?

First Person

Citizenship is owing an allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it. Citizenship includes not only being a citizen of the United States, but being a citizen of the world, of a state, of a county, of a township, and of a community. In other words, being a citizen is not one responsibility, but many responsibilities wrapped up together.
Speaker Today, the opportunity of citizenship is a huge responsibility. It used to be that a person had some responsibility to the national government, but most of it fell back into isolationism in which Americans did not have to worry about other countries, but times have changed. Now, each American is a citizen of the world. The American has to watch the rest of the world in order to know what he can do safely without some kind of conflict. If America and freedom are going to remain, each American must accept the opportunity of world citizenship.

Second Person

Fellowship is the act of doing something together such as an activity. This act of doing something together makes a stronger bond between those who are participating. The opportunities of fellowship have a great number of responsibilities. Working together on a project makes each person feel real good. Now only are they getting something done, but they are doing it with others. No greater bond can be formed, than when people work together. Opportunities of fellowship are everywhere and it can make or break our country's backbone.
Third Person

Friendship is a state of being friends. Friendships may be the "hello, how are you" type or the "buddy" type. Friendships are made with big and little people, distant and near neighbors, very influential and non- influential people, and rich and poor people.

Friendship is a door to a great many opportunities. Meeting new people widens a person's field of thought. Friendship may help a person in the time of disaster or danger. When a person has something go wrong, it is sure nice to have a close friend that will listen. Friendship is the cornerstone of freedom. The more people that are friends with America, the less chance they will lose their rights. Opportunities of friendships are left to the individual. Individuals have the right to be an "isolationist" or a "forwardist."

Fourth Person

Workmanship is the quality imparted to a job. Workmanship is the art of doing a good job every time the job is done.

Opportunity for showing workmanship relies on how a person does a job. If a person can do a real good job, they will often be asked to do various jobs. They will never be forgotten when responsibilities are handed out next time. Opportunities of workmanship lead from simple responsibilities to very challenging responsibilities.

Fifth Person Sportsmanship is how you react in a game. Sportsmanship is how a person reacts when a game is won or lost, not on whether a game is won or lost. Sportsmanship is how a person reacts to any given situation in life.
Speaker Opportunities depend on how a person reacts to any given situation. Life is like a big baseball game. If a person can take things in stride, he will be respected. If a person cannot take things when they happen, they will not be a person depended upon. It is how a person reacts to something. If it is bad, one faces up to it or if it is good, one does not brag all over everywhere. People know that this is the kind of person they need when there is something to be done. The opportunities of sportsmanship is how a person leads their life.
Sixth Person Showmanship is showing a true picture of one's self. Showmanship is a way a person acts in a group such as showing off or behaving. Showmanship of one's self may leave this impression to another person that he is a "troublemaker" or a "responsible person." Showmanship is how a person sets a living example to the world.

Opportunities of showmanship depend on how a person behaves in public. If a person is always goofing off and causing trouble, one is soon forgotten when responsibilities are handed out. If a person behaves as society expects, one will be respected and depended upon when something needs to be done. The way a person lives often speaks more about an individual than anything else. The opportunities of showmanship is how a person lives one's life.

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