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4-H Ceremonies

Symbolic Ashes of Campfire


This special ceremony is held in connection with the last campfire held in the camping program for your county.

At the final campfire, some camps make a ceremony of taking some of the fire ashes from the last campfire, putting them in an urn, and storing them. They are then used as the foundation for the following years first campfire.

If the camper who sets aside these ashes returns to camp the next year, he might represent the old campers by bringing the urn to the first campfire and signify that these ashes are the continuation of the spirit and tradition of past campfires.

To make these ashes more symbolic, you might ask each camper to contribute a small piece of wood to the last campfire. By doing so, each camper adds his spirit and leadership to the symbolic ashes.

No ceremony has been developed for this activity. Here is a chance to be creative and develop your own ceremony for your specific camp. Three phases of the ceremony need to be developed:

1. The contribution of firewood by each camper and what it means.

2. The collection of the symbolic ashes from the last campfire.

3. The contribution of the ashes to the first campfire for next year's camp. This is symbolic of past spirits, traditions, and camp fellowship.


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