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4-H Ceremonies

Tapestry Installation

4-H Leader

For the Tapestry Installation, give a different color spool of thread to each officer representing the colors in the ceremony.

Life is an intricate, colorful tapestry woven upon the loom of our personalities. As we come to the beginning of another year's work, we must think of the accomplishments of our organization and the growth of our leaders.

Individually, as the Tapestry weavers of olden days, we are securing the training and skills to perfect our pattern through our organization, shading in the threads of purity, loveliness, hope, and good works. We are remembering that color is the joy of the weaver, thus, threads for courage, faith, and ambition are used. Let us sincerely endeavor through our 4-H Club to let our tapestry glow with radiance and inspiration.

Just as old artistic weavers needed a few primary colors to create a colorful tapestry, so we need the faith, hope and guidance of our officers. May you be a guiding example of the ideas of our organization.

___________, as President, this red spool of thread symbolizes courage in the tapestry. Upon you rests the responsibility of leading the _____4-H Club. You are expected to preside at all business meetings, guiding and directing the affairs in accordance with our county and state policies.

A president needs the qualities of impartiality, promptness, and loyalty. The president also needs a sense of humor to soften the problems that sometimes come along the way

___________, as Vice President, this blue spool of thread symbolizes the progress of our organization as you guide us in program planning. The interest of our members will be greater due to your efforts. You will be expected to preside at meetings in the absence of the president. Therefore, you should become well-acquainted with the routine and parliamentary procedures.

___________, as Recruitment Chair, this green spool of thread represents the progressive movement of our membership as you work to maintain present members and strive to add new ones to our organization.

___________, as Secretary, this spool of yellow thread represents promptness and accuracy in keeping the records of our business meetings, and correspondence as required

___________, as Treasurer, you have a gold spool of thread. This thread represents accurate and complete records of monies and paying bills if so directed.

___________, as News Reporter, this spool of black thread represents the printers' ink. May you use much of it to inform others of our 4-H Club activities.

___________, as Recreation Chairperson, may this spool of purple thread spark many ideas to promote leisure time projects for our organization.

___________, as International Chairperson, this spool of aqua thread represents the waters of the earth. May it inspire you to help us create better understanding, goodwill, and friendship among 4-H members all over the world.

___________, as Jr. Leaders, this rose spool of thread represents our young 4-H members. Use it to weave alternative and attractive programs for those young 4-H-ers who are new to 4-H helping them to feel a part of the group.

___________, as Health and Safety Chairperson, this brown spool of thread is for persistence in keeping us informed in maintaining good health habits; reminding us of our leadership and civic duties; and encouraging us to provide safe environments for our loved ones.

___________, as Song Leader, may this gray spool of thread spur your efforts to balance our tapestry by broadening our knowledge in these areas, thus making our surroundings more pleasing to the eye.

___________, as Health Chairperson, keep us in the pink by accepting this pink spool of thread. May it inspire you to help us improve the quality of our lives by providing current information on nutrition.

___________, as Program Chairperson, this spool of white thread represents the sanctity of our family life. May it influence your efforts to promote family strengths and ties.

As each of you work in the coming year, may you sense the importance of your office and its relationship with others. Just as something in the Tapestry would be missing without a certain spool of thread, so would something in our organization be missing without you.

___________, President of _______4-H Club, as you have occasion to use the various colors of thread, may you think of your officers performing their various duties. Our tapestry is not complete with one or two colors--it takes many colors to make pleasing designs. So it is with our organization -- it takes the cooperation of every member to keep building a vibrant, pleasant group.

With this thought, I declare the officers ____4-H Club duly installed.


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