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Diabetes Medications


What are the Types of Insulin?

Insulin is classified based on how quickly it takes effect.  There are four categories: Rapid acting should be taken just before or just after eating.  It begins to lower blood glucose in less than 15 minutes. It continues to ... more »

What are Incretins and Amylins?

Incretins and Amylins are both naturally produced hormones that have different actions to control blood glucose.  Inretins are secreted from the gut to stimulate insulin secretion in response to eating food. The medication works in the same way. A... more »

What are Oral Glucose Lowering Medications?

A person with type 2 diabetes will often require one or more medications to keep blood glucose levels under control.  These medications are in tablet form and are taken by mouth on a daily basis.  There are eight different classes of these me... more »

How do my Medications Affect my Diet?

Medications for diabetes are designed to lower blood glucose. It is important that you follow your meal plan as designed by your dietitian or doctor. Your diet needs to be matched to your medications, and your medications need to be matched to your diet. T... more »

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