University of Illinois Extension

Teaching Your Dog to Come

The next exercise is for your dog to come to you when you ask. This is a very important command for your dog to know. If your dog gets loose and approaches a dangerous situation, such as running towards a busy street, being able to call your dog back to you can help save his life.

To teach your dog to come, bend down and make eye contact with your dog. Then call him by his name and say, "COME" in a friendly voice. As your dog moves toward you, praise him in a friendly voice. When he arrives, give him a treat and lots more praise. Start with short distances and work your way toward longer ones. When you move farther away from your dog be sure to call him enthusiastically several times until he comes to you. When he finally arrives, reward him excitedly.

Since your dog also knows how to sit, you can also ask him to sit when he arrives at your feet. Good dog!