University of Illinois Extension

What You Should Not Do

  1. Run
    • Running can make you interesting or scary to a dog.  Moving quickly will often make a dog want to chase you.
  2. Scream
    • Screaming will definitely scare a dog.  Think about how you would feel if a stranger came up to you and starting screaming.
  3. Make eye contact with the dog.
    • A stranger making eye contact makes dogs uncomfortable.
  4. Assume you know the dog.
    • Many dogs look alike.  Play it safe!  This may not be a dog you know.
  5. Try to pet or look at its tags.
    • You might think petting a dog makes him feel safe.  But this can be scary for a confused and lost dog.  Many dogs will be wearing identification tags with owner information on them.  Let an adult be the one to look at the dog’s ID tags.