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Values and Dress

Values are beliefs that are important to you. These values affect the choices that you make. These values also affect the type of clothing that you wear. Your appearance communicates your values to others.

Values and Dress

We all live in different communities and are born into different cultures, which are often reflected in the clothing that we wear. When you go outside of your community or culture group, others may identify you as being different.

A business or organization is a "culture" in itself. When you work for that organization, you become a part of that culture. When you are a member of that "culture," you are expected to reflect the values of that organization.

A potential employer seeks individuals who have qualified skills, are dependable and enthusiastic. He also seeks someone who will represent the values of their organization. During an interview session, one thing that the potential employer is concerned about is whether or not you will "fit in" with the culture of their company. One of the determinants for this is based on your appearance.

If your appearance is very different from the other employees, you may not "fit" the image that the company is seeking. Therefore, when seeking employment you may need to alter your appearance to match the values of the company where you are seeking employment.