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Clothing for Interviews - Men

A well-chosen interview outfit is important and is crucial to getting the job you want. It is better to dress a notch higher than the standard for the job for which you are applying.

The type of clothing to wear for an interview depends on the type of job you are seeking. If you are not certain about the appropriate dress standard, call ahead to find out the dress code. As a rule, it is always best to dress above the standard that you would normally wear on the job, even if the every day attire for the job is casual.

There are three types of clothing styles to choose from:

Formal Business

Clothing for Formal Business Interviews

A clean, pressed suit is the best way to go. If this is not available, a suit jacket with coordinated slacks to match is the second choice. Tie with white, blue, beige or other light colored shirt that compliments the suit. Dress shoes, black or brown only. Dark socks.

This clothing style is appropriate for jobs such as:

Informal Business

A sport coat with coordinating slacks is the first choice. If this is not available, slacks with shirt and tie are the next choice.

This clothing style is appropriate for jobs such as:


This category is for persons who work strong manual or industrial work.

This clothing style is appropiate for jobs such as:

Clean and pressed khakis are recommended. Try to avoid wearing jeans on the job interview. A shirt with a collar is recommended, maybe knit. Complementary shoes, such as bucks can be worn. It is not recommended to wear sports shoes.