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University of Illinois Extension

Look Good, Feel Good

There is nothing more discouraging than to open your closet door to find that you have nothing to wear. Therefore, a planned outfit is a must when you are looking for a job. It is important to have one well fitting and coordinated "interview outfit" because you never know when an opportunity to interview for a job will come your way.

If you look good, you reflect self-confidence.

Do find out about the company you’re interviewing with. Call the Personnel Department and find out the dress requirements and dress appropriately. Call the organization where you are applying for a job. Ask about the dress code and recommended clothing to wear.

Thinking positively about yourself means that you hold yourself in high esteem. If you look good, you reflect self-confidence. The employer wants to have a person that can display self-confidence. Your clothing, the way you walk, talk and stand tells people what you think of yourself. A positive attitude means that you sincerely believe that you are important and that you can do the job.

Make A Call

Call the personnel department or ask someone who works for the organization to suggest appropriate attire.

You could say, "I have an interview with ________ in the ________ department for a position as an _______. Could you please tell me what would be appropriate dress for this interview?

It will be easier and quicker to get the items you need if you plan ahead. The less you have to spend, the more important it is to plan. If you have a limited budget, borrow something from a relative or a friend. You can also shop local resale shops. Looking good does not have to cost a fortune.