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University of Illinois Extension

Checklist for the Interview Day

Your outfit should be clean and pressed


Remember to bring extra copies of your resume– even if they have a copy on file. It should be in a folder or large envelope –flat – not folded. Be prepared to discuss and explain the content – selling your best qualifications.

Out of the Room on Time

Plan to arrive a few minutes early. Give yourself extra time for possible traffic jams. If you know that you are running late, it is very important to call (even if you are in-route). Give an estimated time of arrival.

Right before leaving for the interview, look in the mirror. Tell yourself that "I love myself. I look the best that I can look. I have prepared myself the best that I could."

Then ask yourself, "Would I hire me?" The answer should be "Yes, I would hire me!"

A Good Handshake

Give a good firm but not tight handshake, look at the person eye to eye and smile. Wait until you are asked before sitting down. Absolutely no smoking, even if the interviewer is doing so.