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Warning Signs and Symptoms
of Common Illegal Drugs

Narcotics: Heroin, Morphine, Narcotic Analgesics

Lethargy, drowsiness, constricted pupils that fail to respond to light, redness and raw nostrils from inhaling heroin in powder form. Scars or tracks found on inner arms or on other parts of the body. Use or possession of paraphernalia, including syringes, bent spoons, bottle caps, eye droppers, rubber tubing, cotton and needles. Symptoms of analgesic abuse may not be readily apparent, but the individual may frequently visit the physician or dentists for prescriptions to treat pain of non specific origin.

Stimulants: Cocaine, Crack, Crank, Speed and Amphetimes

Dilated pupils when large amounts are taken , dry mouth and nose, bad breath, frequent licking of lips, excessive activity, fidgety, difficulty sitting still, lack of interest in food or sleep. The person is irritable, argumentative, nervous. Can be very talkative, but conversation lacks continuity, changes subjects rapidly. Could have constant runny noses, cold and nasal problems and nose bleeds. Use or possession of small spoons, razor blades, mirrors, little bottles of white powder and plastic, glass or metal straws.


Rapid, loud talking and bursts of laughter in early stages of intoxication. Sleepy or stuporous in later stages. Conversation is not continuous and forgets easily. The white of the eyes is inflammed, pupils unlikely to be dilated. There is an odor similar to burnt rope on clothing or breath. There is a tendency to drive below the speed limit. Time intervals are usually overestimated. Use of possession of roach clip, packs of rolling paper and pipes. These users are more difficult to recognize and casual users may not exhibit these symptoms. Marijuana does have a distinct odor and may be a bit greener than tobacco.

Hallucinogens: LSD, Mescaline

Symptoms are extremely dilated pupils, warm skin, excessive perspiration and body odor. There is a distorted sense of sight, hearing, touch and time perception. There are frequent mood and behavior changes, the extent depends on the emotional state of the user and environmental condition.

Inhalants: Glue, Vapor Producing Solvents, Propellants (Spray paint cans, Household cleaners)

There is a persistent substance odor on breath and clothes. Runny noses, watering eyes and poor muscle control. Prefers group activity to being alone. Use or possession of bags or rags of dry cement, spray cans, aerosol cans at home in locker at school or at work.

Source: Various sites on Internet

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