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Young children, adolescents and parents all need to hear praise and feel affirmation from those special members of their family. The younger child develops positive feelings about themselves from those showing care. The adolescent strengthens his/her self-concept from the healthy statements or gestures showing care.

How do we reach out to our family showing care and love? What are loving and caring words or gestures? In healthy families, support for family members is one of the pillars of bonding.

The following activity allows your family the opportunity to hear praise and feel affirmation from members of the family. You may use this activity many times during a day or week, especially when family members are trying new skills or need special attention.

Activity : Let’s Share Caring in Our Family

Do it: Have the family member practice a skill or talk about how they feel at a specific time in their life. Examples might include: a young child dresses herself for the first time, a teenager indicates she is under school pressure, or a parent has too many things to do. Listen carefully and ask supporting questions that show care.

Share it: Have each person talk about what they experienced. Share reactions and observations. Ask questions: How did you feel doing this activity? What was the hardest part? The easiest? What did you like best? What did you learn about yourself? About our family?

Process: Discuss themes, problems and issues. Encourage family members to say positive things about the new skill. Were there common or similar learnings? How did other family members respond?

Generalize: Identify conclusions reached in your family. Emphasize principles that apply to "real life." Focus on what is important to your family. Some questions might be: How does this learning relate to other things in our family? What conclusions come from this discussion? What are important outcomes?

Apply: Concentrate on how the new learning can be applied to everyday situations. Discuss how this family discussion can be useful in the future. What are specific family situations where this new learning might be used? How do family members think their learning might be different five years from now?

Families that show care for one another think about each other’s well-being. They know they can depend on each other for encouragement and support.

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