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Parents and Teachers Build Bridges
for Youth Through Communication

Parents hear and learn about their child’s progress from their teacher. Teachers hear and learn more about their students from their parents. Can you imagine a group of teachers writing a school curriculum without talking to one another about the design or format? How would the PTA/PTO Fun Fair be planned without parents communicating? It sounds silly, but cross communication is a major ingredient to a successful teacher, parent, and student relationship. Communication between the parent and the teacher is of utmost importance for a healthy, happy, confident student.

Parents need effective ways to build bridges in communication. Both parent and teacher can add structural beams through communicating openly and honestly. How can dialogue be encouraged between both parties?

Parents can: 1) attend teacher conferences, 2) volunteer in the library or lunch room, 3) write encouraging notes to the teacher, 4) ask questions about course work and school programs, and 5) assist in the home room.

Teachers can: 1) encourage parent visits, 2) advertise and offer bilingual assistance, 3) send class lesson plan outlines home, 4) offer parent workshops, 5) acknowledge parent volunteer involvement, 6) provide ways for parents to be involved in homework assignments, 7) communicate expectations and opportunities for learning, and 8) develop advisory councils to give parents active voices.

The parent-teacher construction company that builds bridges can:

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