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Summer Three R's Fun

Summertime is time to help your child practice what was learned during the past school year. By encouraging your child to use reading, writing, math, spelling, and science, your child will be ready for the new school year. Teachers will spend less time at the beginning of the school year reviewing last year's learning.

Set a time for all members of the family to turn off the television and set down with books, magazines or newspapers to read. When a child sees their parents reading, they will read too. Let your children select the topic that is of interest to them. Children usually are more eager to read things that are of interest to them. Asking your child to tell you about what they were reading will help them improve their speaking skills.

Children can practice writing by writing letters, notes or post cards to family or friends who live out of town. If letter writing is not for them, then give them a notebook for keeping notes of what they did during their summer vacation. This will help your child practice spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Help your child use math during the summer. This can be done in many ways. Involve your child in planning the menus for your family meals. Let your child help you prepare your grocery list. Tell your child how much money you have for groceries for the week. Ask your child to look at the food ads from the newspapers to find the cost of foods on your list.

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