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Family Fun Activities and School

Plan to have some fun as a family. The following list of activities may be some ideas to think about.

Lead Heads
Create funny faces to top off lead pencils. Use kneadable erasers or clay to shape and mold the faces. Using the same material, shape noses and ears and stick them appropriately. Use a butter knife to create a mouth, and eye brows. Stick them on top of the pencils. Parent or adult supervision is necessary for this activity

Beat the Clock
Before the children go to bed, announce the beat-the-clock contest. You may even purchase a fun, child’s alarm clock and make it the prize or have a packet of healthy fun food beside the clock. The child who gets out of bed first and turns off the clock gets to keep the prize.

Make a Deal
Just before bedtime, give coupons to your kids that can be turned in for a treat, like an after school video, or a favorite snack. Explain that the coupons must be turned in at a specific time and only after the bearer is up and dressed

After School Snack Hunt
When the kids return from school, a short snack hunt on one day of the week, might be fun and also improve reading skills. Give each child a slip of paper with instructions such as: "Look into the third drawer in the kitchen," or "Look under your place mat." After about five notes, the kids find their treats in the last place they look.

Back to School Breakfast Party
On the weekend before school starts, invite your children’s school friends and their parents, asking them to bring something to share. You could have items like pencils, lunch boxes, pencil cases, or erasers to decorate for the party. Get your children involved in deciding snacks and drinks that you would like to serve at the party. You may suggest that the kids wear their school clothes or uniforms to the party. It is a fun way of getting children back into the "school mood" as well as the adults.

Source: Family Fun Magazine, Ideas For Families

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