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Whether your children are starting preschool or high school, school can be a source of stress for many families. Not only do parents need to buy supplies, but it is important you and your children prepare for school.

Here are some ideas: Know your child's teacher. Teachers give more of themselves when they know parents are actively involved. Ask teachers or friends what skills your child will need to be successful.

For many students information is forgotten during the summer. It is a good idea to have your child do some review before school begins. This way your child will be ahead of the game when school starts.

Prepare for school by obtaining a list of school supplies as early as possible. Make shopping a fun family activity rather than a mad dash to the stores looking for sold out supplies.

Children of readers become readers themselves. Not only read to your kids, but pick up a book that you would enjoy. Become a role model for a pleasurable life-long activity.

Ask specific questions about school. "Did the kids in your class like your book report?" "What have you decided to do for your science project?" "Was the math quiz as hard as you thought?" Be sure to encourage improvement. Don't expect perfection, but always encourage effort.

Reading, Watching and Listening List

Consult your local library to find these resources:

Family Works in Action

Do things with your child to promote learning.


Listen. When your kids talk about school, spend more time listening and less time giving advice. Success in school leads to success in life.

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