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What Do Teenagers Want from Adults?

If you have a teenager at home you might guess that teens answer differently than their parents. Of course, the phenomenon is nothing new. Remember when you were young. Do you recall how your parents seemed to see things differently from you?

In a nutshell, teenagers desire and need to establish independence. They want to make their own decisions and choices. At the same time, they may feel hurt if the parent does not show any interest in what they are thinking and doing. Although they do not always express it, teens want and require reasonable limits in their lives. This is something parents do not always guess.

Parents tend to want to keep the same control over teens that they used when the kids were younger. It is sometimes hard for parents to change methods as kids mature. The task of parents and teenagers is to talk to each other, but this responsibility falls more on parents due to their experience and the inexperience of teens.

Some ideas that may be helpful:

Do allow teenagers to become more independent.

Be tolerant, but do not be overly permissive.

Have reasonable rules. Be ready to readjust your rules for special circumstances.

Be ready to provide or allow for natural consequences when rules are not followed.

Have an open mind. Be patient.

Be interested in their lives, but respect their privacy.

Talk with your teens about what you value. Discuss drugs and sex with your teenagers.

Be there when your teenager needs you. Give advice when asked but do not lecture! And remember that the teen years eventually come to an end!

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