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Turn on your television and watch the nightly news. Try to record all of the things that go against the values you, as a parent, are trying to encourage within your family system. You will probably find enough things to frighten you into selling your television, locking your doors and keeping your family isolated from the outside world.

Well, we all know we can’t do that. But how can you create a healthy, value-oriented family when sometimes the outside world and its pressures seem to be working against you?

The most important way for you to instill values is to be a positive role model by practicing what you teach. Consider your own values. Talk with others about how you will present a united front on what you believe is right and wrong.

Start by talking with your children about easier topics, such as, what you wear, what you eat, how you dress, how you spend your time and how you spend your money. These can be the building blocks to the more difficult topics of how to choose friends, drug/alcohol usage, gender roles, racism, sex, and work/school ethics.

Set aside times or use meal times to discuss topics. Use TV shows and current events to kick-off conversations. Allow for disagreements, sharing of feelings and experiences to be a comfortable and to be honest and admit your mistakes.

Reading, Watching and Listening List

Consult your local library to find these resources:

Family Works in Action

Here are suggestions to help your child develop responsibility.


Values are what you feel is important to your family. Children learn what the see.

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