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The Rules of Watering

A slow, thorough, deep watering is better than a light sprinkling. Allow the soil to get nice and moist so you encourage roots to go deep.

Water your garden early in the day so plants dry off before it gets dark. This helps prevent disease.

Use mulch. It conserves the water in the soil and you won't have to water as often. More about mulch later.

There are a number of things to use to water the garden. A hand sprinkler is good, but you need to stand by the garden for a while in order to do a good job. If you get bored or impatient you may not do a good job.

Lawn sprinklers or soaker hoses are great, because they add water to the garden very slowly for a nice, deep soaking. And best of all, you can set the sprinkler and go have a lemonade while the garden gets watered.

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