Photo of Geranium

History & Origin

Native to the United States. Geranium is a Greek work meaning crane. The seed pods of geraniums look like a crane's bill.

When to Plant

Geraniums can be planted outdoors after all danger of frost is past.

How to Plant

Plant in full sun. Their colors will be brightened in full sun. Space the geraniums 12 inches apart.

Special Care

Geraniums are easy to grow. Remove old flowers to keep the plant blooming all summer.

In the fall, you can overwinter geraniums. One way is to take cuttings from the plant, root them in moist soil and pot up each rooted cutting. Another way is to dig the geraniums up, shaking off all the soil. Place the plants in brown paper bags and hang them upside down in a cool basement. The stems will live and start growing in the spring. Lastly, you can dig up the geraniums in the fall before frost; pot them up and cut them back to six to eight inches tall. Place them in a sunny window. In the spring, move the geraniums outside after all danger from the frost has passed.

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