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Volume 2 Issue 1

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Minor Bulbs

Most gardeners will busy themselves in the fall preparing for spring color by thinking about spring flowering bulbs, but what about adding unusual flowers and different colors to the garden by using what are often referred to as minor or miscellaneous bulbs.

Protecting New Evergreens

Winter can be harsh for newly planted evergreens, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator, who recommended several cultural practices to improve the plant’s chance for survival.

Storing Tender Bulbs

Some of the most beloved garden plants grow from “tender bulbs,” which means they need special care in the fall and winter, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Pumpkin Facts

Who doesn’t love fall, especially after a very hot and dry summer. Cooler temperatures, colorful mums, frosty nights, changing foliage and pumpkins herald the fall season.

Fall Garden Color

“Autumn’s first frost does not necessarily mean the end of garden color. Fall gardening can take on a look of its own, one which many gardeners look forward to,” said Susan Grupp, U of I horticulture educator.

Preparing Perennial Beds for Winter

“Autumn is the time to prepare perennial flower beds for winter. In autumn, watering should be done on a continuing basis until the soil freezes and can no longer accept water,” said Sharon Yiesla, U of I Extension horticulturist.

Planting Garlic

Planting garlic in the fall, six weeks before the ground freezes, is the best way to ensure that the plants will begin to emerge in March or early April, according to Maurice Ogutu, U of I horticulturist.