University of Illinois Extension

Volume 2 Issue 4

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Landscape Shrubs for Color and Interest

Shrubs can literally define a green space and, as they continue to grow, continually redefine the area. The variation in blooms and foliage as well as bark and berries in shrubs can be amazing and spectacular,” said James Schuster, U of I Extension horticulturist.

Coleus: A Colorful Addition

Looking for ways to keep your garden in the pink, green, red, yellow, burgundy, or orange? Coleus is just the plant to get the job done.

Rain Barrels Make a Comeback

Once a standard fixture at the side of homes, the long-vanished rain barrel is making a comeback, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Try Several Kinds of Lettuce

Whether you are seeking lush, interesting foliage in the garden or a stylishly delicious salad on your table, there are many varieties of lettuce to delight you, said Barbara Bates, Extension horticulture educator.

Flower Garden Care - Little Things Make a Big Difference

Now is the time to start thinking about what your flower garden will look like in late July and August, said Sharon Yiesla, a University of Illinois Extension horticulturist.

To Water or Not

Last years drought left many home lawns in dire shape. The number one question I’m getting right now is, “Should I water my lawn, and if so how much?” says Susan Grupp a horticulture educator with University of Illinois Extension, DuPage County.