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Volume 2 Issue 2

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2006 All-America Selections

Starting next garden season, gardeners will have the chance to include six new flowers and four new vegetables designated as All-America Selections, says Greg Stack, University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Succulent Plants Indoors

“Just because the snow is flying outside doesn’t necessarily mean that gardening is over until spring. Succulent plants are well adapted for growing indoors during winters where the relative humidity of Midwestern buildings is low,” says Barbara Bates, U of I horticulture educator.

Know Your Plants

“Do you ever hear gardeners talking about how well their Echinacea is doing, or pick up a gardening magazine article about shade gardening and find that all the plants are listed by their scientific or ‘Latin’ names,” asks Sharon Yiesla.

Pruning Tips for Raspberries

Winter’s dormant season provides the best opportunity to prune raspberries, says a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Gardening in a Bag

“One of the keys to get kids to love gardening is to give them successful and enjoyable gardening experiences,” says Ron Wolford, U of I horticulturist.

Valentine Flower Care

A few suggestions that can prolong the beauty of flowers given on Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.