University of Illinois Extension

Volume 4 Issue 2

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Cacti and Succulents as Houseplants

If you want to invite a wide and varied bunch of plants into your home, you might consider cacti and succulents, said Greg Stack, a University of Illinois Extension horticulturist.

Insects' Winter Plans

Cold temperatures send some outdoor insects looking for a warm home, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture specialist.

African Violets

A popular indoor plant that can bring color on a dreary winter day is the African violet, one with a "worldly history," said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Crop Rotation in the Vegetable Garden

In order to avoid soil fertility, pest, and disease problems, home gardeners need to practice crop rotation.

Bugged Houseplants

"When bringing garden plants inside for the winter, you can bring unwelcome guests as well. Anyone who has houseplants that were set outdoors for the summer and has now returned them to the window sills, greenhouse windows, and sunny foyers needs to be on the lookout for insect outbreaks on their houseplants," says Richard Hentschel, U of I Extension horticulture specialist.

Cyclamen: A Plant for All Holidays

"Cyclamen is a holiday plant that just keeps on showing up, holiday after holiday. It is very popular around Christmas, but does well as a Valentine's Day gift due to its color range of pinks, reds, and white," said Sharon Yiesla, a U of I Extension horticulturist.