University of Illinois Extension

Volume 5 Issue 3

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What has often been termed the Queen of the Vines, clematis, can offer rich, striking beauty as does royalty, said Greg Stack, University of Illinois Extension horticulturist.

Acclimating Plants Outdoors

Taking plants outdoors in the spring time is a breath of fresh air for your plants that have been cooped up in the house all winter, said Matt Kostelnick, U of I Extension horticulturist.

Multi-Season Shrubs

Because shrubs can be expensive, it pays to take the time to select the right one for your yard, said Sharon Yiesla, U of I Extension horticulturist.

Organic Matter and Soil Fertility

Organic matter plays an import role in our gardens, said Richard Hentschel, Extension horticulture specialist.

Starting a "Stimulus" Garden

During World War II, Victory Gardens were started all over the United States because labor and transportation shortages made it hard to get fresh vegetables to market, said Ron Wolford, Extension horticulture educator.