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Volume 6 Issue 1

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Spring Color Starts Now

For the home gardener, spring color starts with work done in the fall, said Greg Stack, a University of Illinois Extension horticulturist. “Okay. Summer is barely over, fall is starting to makes its presence known and spring is not even on the radar of most people,” admitted Stack. “But to gardeners, how we want the garden to look next spring starts with things we do this fall.

Late Summer and Fall Lawn Care

Depending on where you live in Illinois, late summer and fall lawn care will differ, said Richard Hentschel, U of I Extension specialist. “Areas receiving plenty of water during the season will have less lawn recovery issues than those parts of the state that have experienced periods of dry weather during June and July and into August,” said Richard Hentschel

Autumn Berries on Shrubs

Anyone familiar with gardening and the outdoors appreciates the color and vibrancy fall brings to the garden and landscape, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Cover Crops for Vegetable Gardens

Fall is the time to start thinking about cover crops for the vegetable garden, said Maurice Ogutu, a U of I Extension horticulture educator. “Every year home vegetable gardeners add compost, manures, or other organic materials to their gardens as a source of organic matter,” said Ogutu.

Protecting Flowering Bulbs in Winter

If you want to save those glorious summer flowering bulbs, it is important to have a good winter storage site, said Martha Smith, U of I Extension horticulture educator.