University of Illinois Extension

Volume 9 Issue 2

Articles in this issue...

Winter Bulb Magic

Most people will describe winter using one word descriptors—cold-dark-icy-snowy, said Greg Stack, University of Illinois Extension horticulturist.

Fairy Gardens

Creating an indoor fairy garden is one way of enticing children to fall in love with gardening and nature, said Nancy Pollard, U of I Extension horticulturist.

Living with Your Houseplants and their Insect Relatives

Everyone has guests over at the house once in a while and some stay a few days. We do all we can to bring our houseplants indoors for the winter without the “insect relations” that so often accompany the plants and never leave, said Richard Hentschel, U of I Extension horticulture educator.

Preparing Your Trees for Winter

This drought ravaged summer was extremely hard on our trees, said Candice Miller, U of I horticulture educator.

Tips for Poinsettias

Poinsettias decorate many homes during the holiday season, said Ron Wolford, U of I Extension horticulture educator.

Best Choices for Christmas Trees

Knowing a little bit about Christmas tree needle retention, fragrance and color can help you to choose that ‘perfect’ tree.