The Great Plant Escape

Case 4 - Growing Deeper

To reinforce how a flower is constructed, draw the parts of a flower on construction paper. Cut them out and hide them in the classroom. Develop a treasure hunt clue sheet and have the students find the parts, bring them back, and assemble the flower in proper order.

Experiment with different types of rooting hormones. Use commercially available ones as well as making mixtures that you develop. Discuss why they are used and note if rooting occurs any faster or with greater reliability after using them.

Discuss grafting as a plant propagation technique. Look at simple grafting that uses cacti.

Collect pictures of flowers and have students theorize how they might be pollinated based on the way they are constructed and on the discussions you have had.

Take a trip to a greenhouse or garden center and note the different types of flowers present. Look for the biggest, most colorful, most fragrant, and most unusual flower.

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