The Great Plant Escape

Case 6 - Background Information

This session should be a culmination of the Great Plant Escape curriculum. It is a time to celebrate the students' achievements and to have a harvest festival and judge the students' lettuce project.

To judge the lettuce, you may wish to invite a person from the Extension office, a master gardener, or a horticulturalist. The standards for judging the lettuce include leaf color, plant development, and growth. Every student should receive a Great Plant Escape for participating in the program.

You may want to have food be a part of the celebration. Consider items like strawberry or pumpkin muffins, carrot cake, zucchini bread, sunflower seeds, peanuts, fresh vegetables with a dip, or a fresh green salad. Or you could have an entire meal or picnic and feature foods the students have studied.

Invite parents and people in the community to the celebration.

At the end of the celebration, present each student with a Great Plant Escape T-shirt for completing the project.

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