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Parenting Again CD

Parenting Again is a resource tool developed to assist support group facilitators who respond to the needs of grandparent caregivers. There are nine topic based discussion guides that are designed to be facilitative tools for support group leaders to use. The topics were chosen based on commonly identified issues of grandparent caregivers. The session topics include:

  • Adjusting to Your Role
  • Taking Care of You
  • Reducing Stress in Your Life
  • Personal Relationship Changes
  • Family Relationships - Being a Grandparent and Parent with Younger Children
  • Challenges With Your Adult Child
  • Your Troubled Grandchild
  • Love and Limits: A Powerful Combination
  • Forgiveness

Each guide provides research-based background information on the topic along with discussion questions and activities to enhance the educational quality of the support group experience. This informal, discussion-based approach provides a comfortable environment for grandparents to share and learn from each other. The guides can be used in any sequence, as needs are identified. There are handouts that accompany each discussion guide that include a goal setting "Personal Plan" form. Also included are "Tips for Facilitating Parenting Again Support Group Sessions."

Whether you are an experienced support group facilitator or a novice, the Parenting Again guides make it easy to lead discussions and facilitate a shared learning experience. They indeed provide "ideas and inspiration for kinship caregivers."


Sample Guides

We are offering two guides for download so that you can evaluate them before purchase.