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Aug 09 2009 - two males & eggs found - Sonya, Lake County
We captured two male gypsy moths today, then looked around out maple trees, and see signs of egg infestation on some branches that are bare of leaves.

Jul 31 2009 - La Grange park - Chuck Cavanaugh, Cook County
Saw female Gypsy moth yesterday on building. She moved to asheltered area today and she laid eggs. It looks like peanut butter and is about 3/4" wide and 2 1/2 long.

Jul 10 2009 - Gypsy Moth - Dayle Ann Kolak, Cook County
Gypsy Moths found on Oak and Burr Oak trees in yard located on Busse Hwy. in Des Plaines near Busse Woods.

Jul 03 2009 - Infestation in Northwoods - Peter K., DuPage County
Gypsy moth larva littered througout backyard,deck and roof, both alive and dead. Infesting Burr Oak trees in yard.

Jun 26 2009 - Caterpillars on sycamore - Ken Weik, Lake County
Three caterpillars were discovered this evening during inspection of a blue bird box attached to a sycamore tree in my front yard. My home is located approximately two miles NE of Libertyville in Libertville Township.

Jun 19 2009 - Gypsy Moth in Palos Park - Lynda, Cook County
We are loaded with Gypsy Moths. We've had it confirmed and will have to treat. Too bad we did not realize earlier. We've been checking with neighbors and they have them as well. Here in Palos Park, we are surrounded on three sides by forest preserves. I wonder if the county will do any treating? I'm sure this is very widespread in this area full of old oak trees!

Jan 04 2009 - they really take over - Gregg Hansen, Cook County
Noticed an enormous amount of the furry little catapillers last summer on an Oak tree and everywhere else directly behind our house. Their droppings were everywhere under this tree in massive quantities. When they became moths we could no longer enjoy the outdoors in the evenings unmolested. Since we back up to the forest preserves between Dundee road and Lake Cook Road by the Des Plaines River in Northbrook we figured the whole area must be infested, but no our oak tree seems to be singled out in our area as the host. Will agressively deal with them in early spring since researching treatments.

Nov 10 2008 - GypCheck - Clayton Sulak, Lake County
We need better solutions than btk, which is non species specific and doesnt last. We need to As a State be licenced for the species specific viral product made by the National Forest Service, Gypcheck.

Sep 15 2008 - Gypsy moths - John Michaels, Cook County
This notice is late in the year because I wasn't sure what they were, but there is major infestation at Bunker hill forest preserve on the east end of the bike trail in Edgebrook.

Sep 03 2008 - gypsy moth - Harold N. Hild, Cook County
This year had heavy infestation, used traps in July and August to control male population. Area needs to be sprayed next year or many old oaks will be in danger of defoliation

Aug 26 2008 - GYPSY WMOTH - OAK BROOK - TOM K, Cook County
Is is so simple to understand that villages have no understanding or action plans to loosing the trees damaged by these moths? The state has given up on Dupage County ofr the more developing suburban areas of will county. Does anyone have an answer for the village and home owners? Where are the green villages?

Aug 16 2008 - Gypsy Moth Infestation - Judith Szach, DuPage County
I contacted the Department of Agriculture in DeKalb, ILlinois, and they said they sprayed only 4 small areas, and unincorporated Hinsdale, Illinois, is not one of them. They said they have no funding for this, and I think every area that has this problem should be done. The Timberlake area near Argonne is infested with Gypsy Moths. Please spray the area in the Spring 2009 so we don't loose our Oaks. It is Clarendon Hills Road, between 87th and 91st Street.

Jul 30 2008 - Female moths/egg masses - Steve Ames, Cook County
Skokie Numerous dead female moth sitings at multiple locations along with egg masses. Numbers appear to be small at this juncture?

Jul 30 2008 - SW Evanston siting - Bernadette Elam, Cook County
Two female moths were found in the 300 block of Wesley in Evanston.

Jul 16 2008 - Lots of cocoons in Elgin! - Andrea Demel, Kane County
The kids have been finding the "cocoons" all over the place. One that they put in a cage hatched and we determined it to be a female gypsy moth. Should we be destroying the cocoons?

Jun 28 2008 - GYPSY CATIPILLER - JEFF KNUERR, Lake County

Jun 27 2008 - gypsy moths under control - Howard Hall, Mchenry County
Woodstock, I have 66 oak trees on my lot on Queen Anne Road and last summer I noticed a large infestation of gypsy moths...that with the effects of the cicada put a lot of stress on the trees. I contacted McGuinn Tree Service and did exactly as they suggested and now have them under control. Tecnique: Fall fertilizing, pre frost dormant oil spray, mid may BTK spray and second application of BTK in early june. Mid june I burlaped the tress and picked up any survivors (maybe 5-10 per day per tree)...Trees are looking good and plan on doing dormant oil spray, spring feeding and one application of BTK next year. I love those trees.

Jun 26 2008 - Gypsy Moth Attack!! - Tony, Cook County
Unincorporated Palatine- I live in a wooded community and I have a large Oak tree and it is full of caterpillars. Out of all the trees on my lot, they chose the oak. My roof is littered with dead leaves and the sidewalk and patio is littered with caterpillar droppings. In the day time you can see them on the house.

Jun 26 2008 - I see larva in my oak - susan harshey, Lake County
I discovered today that I have larva in my large oak. I can see damage to the foilage. I will read about what to do, but if you have any ideas, please call me 847-935-3815

Jun 25 2008 - Gypsy cat's 100's dead - Bruce Nurczyk, Lake County
Good news (I think) in Ingleside Il 60041. I have hundreds of dead gypsy moth catapillars rotting on the tree trunks seemingly overnight. I am seing fewer and fewer on the move. Hopefully they got the fungus or virus I have read about. Some are hanging head down from there back feet and others are bent into a ^ shape. I'm just happy they are dieing, I love my old oaks.

Jun 24 2008 - Gypsy Moth Caterpillars - Michael Collins, Cook County
Western Springs IL - we have 3 large oak trees in our backyard that are completely covered with caterpillars...thousands of them.

Jun 22 2008 - Ingleside Area - Bruce Nurczyk, Lake County
I am in Ingleside Illinois buy the S.E. corner of Grant Woods Forest preserve. Caterpillars are everywhere, the ground under my trees are cluttered with bits of leaves. Is spraying scheduled for our area? Is there much a homeowner can do at this stage?

Jun 21 2008 - Gypsy moth caterpillars - Anne, DuPage County
We wanted to let you know that the large oak in front of our house has been dropping Gypsy moth caterpillars on our front steps. At first we thought they would become some sort of butterfly, and we were putting them into my flower garden-YIKES! But after we googled what they might be, we began killing them. We have saved a few just in case someone needs to come out and check on this new location. Please get back to us about this. Thank YOU p.s We live by Bellue Woods in Wheaton,IL 60187

Jun 20 2008 - Caterpillar sightings - Brian Thomson, Lake County
This is the first year that I have found Gypsy Moth Lavea at Biltmore Country Club (North Barrington). I have been here for 14 years.

Jun 18 2008 - Caterpillar Found - Michael Vranicar, Cook County
We found a gypsy moth caterpillar in an oak tree in our front yard in Glenview on West Lake Avenue.

Jun 18 2008 - infested - Joan McKenzie, DuPage County
Our oak trees are COVERED with caterpillars and you can hear the munching of the leaves at night. The excrement from these creatures is unbelievable! They are everywhere. If spraying was done near us (near Blackwell Forest Preserve in Warrenville/WInfield area) then it didn't affect our gypsy moth population. Our poor trees are suffering and so are we!

Jun 18 2008 - massive infestation - John Showalter, DuPage County
"Discovered" moth larvae covering garage doors and exterior walls, then noticed them literally blanketing the trunks of several trees in numbers easily approaching 1200-1500. Sprayed as much as I could, but we live surrounded by Timber Ridge Forest Preserve, so infestation must be excessive. Authorities are welcome to inspect. Contact

Jun 16 2008 - caterpillars found - Fred Maier, DuPage County
Caterpillars have been found on trees in a six block area in southwestern Itasca. The Village has done a burlap wrapping of street trees to determine spread and relative concentrations. They are planning to do pheremone trapping for moths as well.

Jun 16 2008 - Larvae Outbreak - Bridget Abbe, DuPage County
Millions of larvae found in Castaldo and Hawthorn Hill Woods in Woodridge.

Jun 14 2008 - Cook county infestation - Ari Rice, Cook County
I have not had much past experience with gypsy moths, but i've noticed many of these caterpillars within the preserve known as Potawotami Woods. I actually mistook these for tent caterpillars at first and i was almost inclined to take one home and study it. Within the preserve itself, i found these caterpillars in the woods lying north of a large, open clearing.

Jun 11 2008 - moths and oak trees - G. Mcdowell, DuPage County
Caterpillars (Gypsy moths?)are TERRIBLE behind Turner Elementary School in West Chicago. Kids can't enjoy the playground because of them.

Jun 06 2008 - Reed Kepler Park - Jesse Felix, DuPage County
Gypsy moth was identified in the tops of seveal oaks in Reed Kepler Park. Most trees in this area of the park is oak.

Jun 01 2008 - gypsys in hp ravines - Clayton Sulak, Lake County
gypsy moths have invaded the ravines systems in eastern highland park

May 13 2008 - IDA BTK Treatments Begin - Jim Cavanaugh, DuPage County
We have chosen May 22 or 23 or 28 to start the first aerial application for gypsy moth. The second application will be about 7 days later than the above day that worked.

May 04 2008 - Siting in Crystal Lake - Todd Morlock, Mchenry County
Siting of eggs and larvae on oak trees in Crystal Lake.

Feb 04 2008 - Sightings in River Forest - Dave Coulter, Cook County
This may be old news but the volunteers working to restore Thatcher Woods (CCFPD) have spotted numerous trees (oaks, mainly) with egg masses over the past year or so. The Village of River Forest was contacted, but this may be outside their jurisdiction?

Jan 19 2008 - Gypsy Moth egg mass - steve Miller, Will County
Today while walking through a wooded area on the 18 acre site of 380 E. Boughton Rd., Bolingbrook (Independent Baptist Church) I saw multiple hundreds of gypsy moth egg masses

Jan 19 2008 - gypsy moth egg masses - steve miller, Will County
In a recent posting regarding gypsy moth egg masses found in Bolingbrook, the correct address is 380 WEST Boughton Rd. not 380 east boughton rd

Dec 29 2007 - gypsy moths in Johnsburg - Jerry Michna, Mchenry County
This fall we noticed the eggs being laid We've lived here 14 years and have 150 year old oak trees on our property and this is the first occurence. upon closer inspection most of all 20 lots have them. We'll be prepared to fight them to save our trees but don't know if all the owners understand the consequences. Please help with aerial spraying. Thank you

Sep 25 2007 - Gypsy Moth - Don Kappel, Kane County
Superintendent of Park Services Mike Rea surveyed the Dundee Township Park District's Randall Oaks Park 17N070 Randall Road West Dundee on 9/24/07 and discovered 69 Oak trees with infestation. He believes there are more trees.

Jul 20 2007 - lots in Highland Park - Clayton Sulak , Lake County
I live in eastern Highland Park and have discovered a lot of these moths i am trying to control them as much as possible. how ever there are lots but surprising they are not yet in the the lower ravines.

Jul 16 2007 - Gypsy Moths - Diane Huebner, Cook County
I've seen gypsy moths in Northern Cook county: on the bike paths in Skokie Lagoons and the Northwestern Campus in Evanston

Jul 16 2007 - SOS Moth Attack! - J. Gewetzki, Mchenry County
Help. We're under attck here in the Village of Holiday Hills, located in southeastern McHenry County. These moths are everywhere. We are heavily wooded and are on the Fox River. Someone needs to put us on the hit list. We need assistance.

Jul 14 2007 - Egg Laying Everywhere! - Carolyn Wotring, Cook County
I live in an area that Is mainly beautiful 100 year Old Oak Trees. The trunks are beginning to be covered with the female laying the eggs. I thought our area was to be sprayed in order to to control this pests. Obviously this was not done...what can I do to save my trees?

Jul 11 2007 - Trout Valley Infestation - D. Peters, Mchenry County
Multiple residents are reporting large Gypsy Moth caterpillar infestations in mature oak and other trees in multiple areas in Trout Valley. It has been 3 years since this valley full of beautiful mature trees has been treated, and the Gypsy Moths are most certainly back in force. Please do consider spraying the small village of Trout Valley again as soon as possible. And any other assistance that can be provided in the mean time would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Jul 07 2007 - Gypsy Moths in my yard - Vito Chiovari, Cook County
Gypsy moths are sighted in Park Ridge. Hundreds of moths in my yard and surrounding area. Please advise how we can control or irradicate. Thanks. 630-824-8752

Jun 30 2007 - Gypsy Moths hitting Bemis - William Derrah, Cook County
I have noticed an outbreak in Western Cook County in Bemis Woods Forest Preserve East of Wolf Road and north of Salt Creek along the Bike Trail. Many old Burr Oaks have been defoliated and large areas of the forest have open canopy. Noticed the cut up leaves earlier but it was seeing the Adults swarming this weekend that allowed me to identify the culprit. I would speculate that the Cicada emergence has provided an alternative to the Moths' normal predators making this a break out year for them. I see that this area has been treated in the past is it still? Is there anything the citizens can do to help?

Jun 27 2007 - Winfield/West Chicago Inf - Ed Max, DuPage County
Hello, I've recently been noticing several outbreaks (Gypsy Moth larvae ID'd) in the Indian Mounds F.P. in Winfield, plus many stripped Oaks along Prince Crossing Rd. in West Chicago, both infestations on the pereimter of old growth oak areas etc. Any advice? Does anyone know if treatments are scheduled out here? The oaks in many spots here are stripped- sad to witness. Thanks, Ed Max, West Chicago, Il.

Jun 25 2007 - Infested - Elaine, Lake County
I back up to a Lake County forest preserve, I have hundreds of catapillar stage gypsy moths all over numerous oak trees in my yard.

Jun 21 2007 - Gypsy Moth Sighting - Carl Schreck, DuPage County
The gaurd, Clyde, in our building, 2 Lincoln Ctr. Oak Brook Terrace Il. 60181 found one at the back delivery door. It was still there on the building this morning next to the glass door by the delivery area.

Jun 20 2007 - Gypsy Moth Infestation - Bill Benson, Cook County
There is an acute Gypsy Moth(caterpillar stage) infestation in the Wildwood/Edgebrook area on the northwest side of Chicago. This is an area of 100+ year old oak trees. The trunk of the trees on the corner of Wildwood Ave. and Hiawatha Ave. are covered with literally hundreds of caterpillar cadavers and a few live caterpillars.

Jun 20 2007 - gypsy moth - andrew twyman, Lake County
We spotted and captured a gypsy moth in southern lake county. If you want to get any info please feel free to call me at 773-972-4523

Jun 18 2007 - Highland Park - Pat, Lake County
Are finding several instars of larvae at my home in Highland Park. I'm wondering where to go with this information and what I can do to reduce damage.

Jun 16 2007 - gypsy moth sighting - Susan Sonnefeldt, Cook County
Found an ornamental fruit tree with at least 20 caterpillars in DesPlaines on River Road - next to the front entrance of a Dunkin Donuts between Touhy and Oakton (street might be Stockton)

Jun 09 2007 - Extensive Gypsy Moths - David N., Cook County
On 6/9/07, I did a survey of a section of the Deer Grove Forest Preserve west of Quentin Road and north of Dundee Road. At least 2/3 of the trees had gypsy moth caterpillars on their trunks. Some large oak trees have only 20% of their leaves left (and will probably die if these woods aren't sprayed next spring). This large forest with many 70+ year old trees should be PRESERVED by spraying to kill this non-native, extremely destructive gypsy moth pest. There are few mature forests like this left in the Chicago metropolitan area. Who should we contact to get this a higher priority and actually get the spraying done either this year or next spring?

Jun 06 2007 - Inside Argonne Lab - An Argonne Employee, DuPage County
Large numbers of caterpillars seen inside Argonne National Lab in early June (outside the areas marked as having been sprayed in May). They were dropping from the trees in the woods just South of Outer Circle Drive and East of Meridian Road, near where the North-South path enters the woods. This is not the first year I remember seeing them around there, but I didn't know they were Gypsy Moths before now.

May 14 2007 - IDA BTK Spray Reschedule - Jim Cavanaugh, DuPage County
Our BTK Treatment Program has been rescheduled to begin May 16th due to weather.

May 09 2007 - Severe Gypsy Moths - Steve Anzalone, Cook County
Its really bad here in the Deer Grove Woods. My home backs up to the Deer Grove Woods in North Cook County. THey have killed many tress, and are emerging between Quentin Road between Lakecook and Dundee Roads. ig time now. Its a shame that nothing is being done here. Especially bad b

May 07 2007 - 2007 BTK Treatment - Jim Cavanaugh, DuPage County
The IDA will attempt to start our 2007 BTK treatment program on May 15 for Cook, DuPage, and Kane County sites. Winnebago County sites will begin one day later. Weather conditions may push the start date later?! Expect the treatment any time this week. The Second application will follow the week of May 21.

Mar 20 2007 - IDA New Office - Jim Cavanaugh, Outside NE Illinois
We now have our office in DeKalb 815-787-5476

Jan 02 2007 - A safer Solution - Clayton Sulak, Lake County
BTK which is going to be spayed in our forests is a method using a bacteria to control the caterpillars. However BTK is also harmful to most other species of butterflies and moths and with the endangerment of the monarch species is this what we want? ? or could the viral product Gypcheck which has been used in WI and the East coast be more effective for out break situations. and the fungus Entomophaga maimaiga could be released has it has been on the east coast to control both normal and outbreak numbers of the moths. Both of these are the natural controllers of the species and ONLY attack gypsy moths. We must all consider the ways we want to affect our environment and control this invader with out affecting local species. contact your local forestry department to discuss the issue, one cannot rely on them to make the best choices on their own and these choices are far reaching.



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