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HOT Project: Healthy Outcomes for Teens

More Ways to Relieve Stress

Try finding a new comfort food. Instead of salty snacks, choose crunchy fruits or vegetables.

Watch how much you eat. Eat an ice cream bar instead of a dish of ice cream or out of the carton. Don’t eat directly out of packages. Serve yourself a portion. Do not eat standing up, in front of the TV or computer, or in front of the refrigerator.

Do something fun besides eating.

Which of the following is a better way to reduce stress?

  • Watching TV or
    Doing sit-ups during TV commercials
  • Using elevators or escalators or Taking the stairs
  • Getting a ride to school or Walking or riding your bike
  • Playing the games outside or Playing sports on video games
  • Taking a walk or bike ride with a friend or
    Hanging out with friends at someone’s house
  • Playing cards or board games or
    Playing a game of tag, hide-and-go-seek, or capture the flag

Check your answers

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