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Heavy accumulations of snow and ice can cause major structural damage to trees and shrubs. The damaged limbs should be properly removed. The following links will provide a guide for homeowners seeking to repair damaged plant material.

The Cold, Hard Facts about Winter Storms
Severe winter storms in Illinois produce more total damage than any other form of short-term severe weather, including tornadoes, lightning, and hail. Central Illinois has the distinction of being in the nation's primary area for severe freezing rain (ice) storms.

Ice Storms in Illinois
Freezing rain occurs when rain becomes supercooled and freezes upon impact with any cold surface. Ice storms - defined as long periods of freezing rain - can be very dangerous, destructive, and disruptive events.

Latest Winter Watches and Warnings
Latest information about winter storms across the United States.

Evaluating Ice Damaged Trees
Tips on evaluating trees and shrubs after an ice storm.

Winter Injury to Trees and Shrubs
Learn how to avoid winter damage to trees and shrubs.

Trees and Ice Storms: The Development of Ice Storm-Resistant Urban Tree Populations
Learn how certain tree species are susceptible to ice storms.

Tree Values
Lose a tree during the storm? Check how to appraise your trees' value.

Why Hire an Arborist?
Learn about services an arborist can provide.

Find a Tree Care Service
Enter your zip code and locate a certified arborist in your area.

Recognizing Tree Hazards
Tips for identifying hazardous trees and the risks they present.

Avoiding Tree & Utility Conflicts
Factors to consider prior to planting near utility lines.

Pruning in Winter
Winter is actually the best time of year to prune your deciduous plants.

Pruning Mature Trees
Learn how to prune trees to keep them healthy.

Mature Tree Care
Develop a preventive care program for your trees.