Curriculum Kit Contents

Your Leadership Development Through Community Action curriculum kit includes both a teacher's guide and a notebook of masters.

The lessons are part of the teacher's guide with a grid that maps lesson objectives to the Illinois State Goals for Learning and includes over 30 lesson planners

The guide includes seven modules filled with activities that integrate language arts, math, science and social studies with the real-world experience of helping one's community

Module 1: Understanding the Self
Module 2: Understanding Our Group
Module 3: Getting to Know Our Community
Module 4: Learning about Issues in Our Community
Module 5: Developing a Plan to Address a Community Issue
Module 6: Implementing the Plan
Module 7: Evaluating Our Effort

A notebook of over 60 handouts and overhead transparencies completes the curriculum kit.

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How will creating a nontraditional classroom and instilling teamwork affect learning?

Wayne Caparoon, a middle-school administrator and teacher, says: "We have the potential to reach more kids. When we facilitate learning in a nontraditional classroom, we see students who don't usually take the lead come forward and be leaders. We discover they have great organizational skills, social skills-important qualities that we don't see with traditional classroom assignments."

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