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Here’s a great list of links for information on each of the topics Master Gardeners regularly use. Most of these links are taken directly from the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener Course, the Master Gardener Online Home Study Courses, and websites brought to our attention by individuals from our Master Gardener’s ranks. Inclusion in this hot links document should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of any commercial or personal web site. Non- educational or governmental sites may be added or removed from the list at any time.

They are a simple cut and paste, and organized like the Master Gardener Guide. The document uses the same sections as the Master Gardeners manual, with the addition of a section on Environmental Concerns and an "Other Related Links" section at the end.

If used from the office, the links should work. If used from outside of the Master Gardener WebCT Course login, some links may not work due to differences between the internet settings of a WebCT session versus the internet settings you use on your own equipment.

Also included as attachments at the end are related documents with hot links on such topics as Barley Straw Control of Algae in Ponds, Lead in the Environment, and an excellent glossary of botanical terms.

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Environmental Concerns | Other Related Links